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Good lord man! You know your Bombers!! Looks like you've owned quite the collection over the years too.

Glad to have another guy here that's good with the 450's!! More brain goodness for me to soak up!!

GB :mrgreen:

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It's probably just my attraction to this bike and, in a more practical world-- it might just fly but-- just look at that bike!
Practical as hell
simple to maintain
glorious sound
decent handling
and a beautiful design.

modernize it with EFI, a single disc and modern suspension
I think Honda should bring it back-- not as a single
not water cooled
just as it is.

It worked for Triumph!

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I can recall that I paid a whopping $510 for a brand new SuperHawk in late 1963.
Then in late 1969, I paid $800 each for a pair of CB450 K2's.

A new CB450 like we desire would proably cost $10,000 today, at least.
That's just a guess, it would probably be lots more.

On the other hand, if they duplicated it exactly, at least we could find some freakin' parts !!!!
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