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So my introduction into the world of street bikes was purchasing a 1992 Nighthawk 250 last year. Traded a Xbox 360 and very little cash to a guy who was hurting for money and selling his toys. Only issues were the tires were shot and no second gear (just acts as second neutral). 24,000 miles and the parallel twin is still running strong :cool:

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Decided to have some fun with it, and i've always been a fan of the mad max style builds people have done. while trying not to go to far or ridiculous, Ive ended up with a really fun ride, something i really like being on. Force rusted tank and fender with a matte clear coat, shorty exhaust (straight pipe with dual lollipops in each pipe), to name a few mods.

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Still got some fun ideas in mind, and want to get some progressives, dual sport tires, and what have you, but now mostly focusing on due maintenance. Time has come for new chain, brake shoes, etc... just the basics. Other than that, a good running bike. Thanks for looking :D
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