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My '76 500T

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The bike was bone stock to start with when I bought it 06/28/08, with 5,008 actual miles, and the original front tire. It cleaned up real nice. After a new tire, and tune up, I added Super bike bars, Bar end mirrors, new grips, Levers, Quarter fairing, Bullet signals, Lucas tail light, and most recently, 11" MDI chrome shocks. Winter project will be a retro-fit DLS front wheel.[attachment=0:1pe0hg2n]NewShock2.jpg[/attachment:1pe0hg2n]


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That's a beauty of a 500T my friend!! Your lucky to own her. :cool: Nice mods.

Did the short shocks affect your handling without lowering the front to match the shock height? I've been thinking of going with those exact shocks.

GB :mrgreen:
WOW!!!! Me Likey :mrgreen: Thats one heckuva ride you got.
Thanks GB,

The shocks came in the mail Thursday, and I put them on that night. Didn't get a chance to take it out for a spin yet, and it keeps getting colder. :( The forecast for Turkey day looks promising, and I'm off.

I only changed the shocks because the stockers were too stiff, the MDI's are much softer so I'm hoping for a smoother ride. Also, the seat height is kind of high, and perched forward. The MDI's took 11/2" off, so I'm hoping that helps too. The chrome valances and the lower profile add to the vintage look too. :) If they work alright then I killed 3 birds with one stone. Was great, best prices too :D
I squeezed in a short ride today :D , and really like the new shocks. Smoother ride, and no adverse effects on the handling. :D The original shocks must have been stiff from age. Seems to be a bit more stable in a corner too, possibly due to a slightly lower center of gravity. New steering stem roller bearings, and heaver fork oil are on the agenda this winter. New chain, and 16 tooth front sprocket are also on the list.

Today was very nice weather for a short ride! I'm glad you got her out for a spin. :cool: I think those are the shocks I'll be going with, as I may lower the front and go with clipons? I've already got the adjustable Tommaselli "condor" bars, but I think I can get it lower with clipons and short shocks.

It's good to hear it handles better! The old shocks had probably given everything they had already..

I'll be using tapered stem bearings in my 450 as well, but I seem to remember someone on one of the 450 forums saying that they had trouble with the Pyramid or Allballs brands? Anyone know anything on this subject?? Save us both some trouble?? ;)

GB :mrgreen:
trouble with the Pyramid or Allballs brands?
:shock: Hope not, I have a brand new set of Allballs waiting on the workbench.
Well, I've never done a 450, but here's a thread I posted over on the SOHC4 forum on performing the task on a '78 CB750K8. Hope it's helpful to you.

It was an All Balls kit.

I didn't remember until I just re-read my own thread that it was exactly one year ago. I even mention my wife being out on Black Friday, as she was again today! :)

Bird76Mojo said:
I'll be using tapered stem bearings in my 450 as well, but I seem to remember someone on one of the 450 forums saying that they had trouble with the Pyramid or Allballs brands? Anyone know anything on this subject?? Save us both some trouble?? ;)

GB :mrgreen:
I've had problems with Pyramid bearings in general.
I just did a 450 with Pyramid steering bearings (bought them a long time ago), and it took a bit of Dremel work to get the bottom race on the stem.
Otherwise it didn't go too badly, and they're sure better than the ol' 37-balls-o-steel....

They sent me some for Wifey's CB200 that weren't even close - they wouldn't even fit over the stem.
Then they argued with me for two months before I finally filed a grievance with EBay, and eventually got a refund. They had the gall to tell me that they thought I had a CB200-D, whatever the hell that is. The 200 in fact uses the same steering races and bearings as all the other models of that era, including the 250/350/450, etc.
I was not happy with them at all. The people there that I corresponded with were arrogant little pukes who treated me like dirt.

Just my personal experience with them. I'd probably recommend All-Ballz instead.
Cool Bill..... More info for my swapping parts.... I thought the 200 would use the same bearings and races as the 175's... the 175 bottom stem diameter (and race diameters) is different (smaller)than the 350/360, 450, etc, but the top has essentially the same races (diameter) as those others.... The difference is small. but prevents an easy exchange of say 360 trees/forks onto (into?) a 175 frame.... Steve
Steve -

Even the 750 SOHC uses those same parts, all 250 (C70) and 268 (CB72) codes.
Almost all of them, including most of the 4's, and clear into the 80's with 400/450 Hawks used those parts. Early gold Wings used the same parts, too, as well as CX500's.
The DOHC 750's used a different set of parts, but the 650/650C's all used the old parts.

The 175/200 are only slightly different, though, using some 200 codes (C90).

The balls-o-steel setup was pretty standard in a LOT of models.
So it's usually the stem length that's the hangup.
Bill, Yes,...I was myself surprised when I could not simply swap a 360 tree into my 175... I did realize the 90/100/125's took a smaller diameter stem, but was unaware until I actually "trial fitted' that there was a size "in-between" those and the 250, 350/360 (and larger) sized ones...Almost as aggravating is the Yamaha stems are about 1mm different, so you cant just swap those fork assemblies easily either......(RD 400 forks and wheels would be great on a CB350 cafe' bike...LOL) Steve
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