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My 72' CL450 Cafe build

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I have already been doing this project log on "dotheton".com
so here is the short version

i got it 2 years ago, then last summer it looked like this
to quickly get her up and riding.....

so yeah, now that its winter im gonna redo it some, with some tricks

cut some **** off, smoothed some ****

welded in the tray for electronics and whatnot

removed the swingarm....welded/filled and smoothed it then self etching metal primered it

the blocks of foam looked like this when i started my seat

then they started taking shape

seat in fiberglass, needs alot of smoothing with bondo/resin
exhaust in the works (not yet done)

to wrap or not to wrap...that is the question

i love pie cuts

i hope you can get an idea of the color with these shots

Now i need to polish those covers like i did these forks

I also cleaned up my wiring harness and spruced up the rectifier

anyways enough bitching, lets get productive.......
Battery box and new battery, rearsets mounted

and my new headlight switch and kill switch, soon to have water proof covers installed

looks like im gonna have tire/exhaust clearance issues, gonna need taller shocks


and thats where she sits right now, still waiting on the seat to get sanded/painted

Full write up here ---->
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leethal said:
Lookin how much weight do ya recon you've shed? On the bike :D
i wish i took the time to keep everything i took off and weigh it all but the boss like me to keep the shop clean from crap and i was sorta in a rush. Im gonna try and weigh it someday and compair it to what they are new.

NE350 said:
Looks great so far. Are you gonna pad the new seat. The last one looked like a ball chrusher!
im using the same foam you would see on a vintage race bike, 1/2" closed cell foam with 3M sticky backing, the front hump is actually closer to my stomach in riding position, imagine if i had a race length tank and you get the idea.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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