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Through my various adventures in attempting to find the right exhausts for my 360 (and then eventually putting on scrambler pipes and changing everything all over again), I've accumulated a number of pieces that Dime City won't so much as answer an email about, so I figured I'd see if there's any appetite for them. They'll be going on eBay too, but you guys get a better deal :) All items are located in Seattle, WA, but I'm happy to ship wherever if you cover shipping. I've got the following:

2 sets of 20-degree chrome upswept exhaust adapters, never used (one set was test fitted) -
They're the Dime City versions (, and fit a 1.5" header to a 1.5" muffler. (They come in sets of 2, so I have four individual pipes total.)
$10 per set.

2 x 18-inch trumpet mufflers from DCC ( - from experience, they work nicely on the 360 and come about an inch short of the rear axle with stock headers. These ones have never been used, they were going to replace the old set. 1 3/4" fitting to the header, but each includes a chrome clamp.
$25 each.

2 x 23-inch megaphone style mufflers - eBay specials, but pretty sure they're your run-of-the-mill Emgos. They extend past the back axle. 1 3/4" neck on these, and includes a chrome clamp. They're identical to these (
$20 each.

I've also got one set of reducer bushings that'll take either of those sets of pipes down to 1 3/8", 1 1/2", or 1 5/8" - if you want the mufflers and I haven't given them away with the other set, I can throw them in the box for free. I'll keep this updated if they sell on eBay first, so shoot me a PM if you're interested.
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