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What’s happening all,

Just joined and this is my first post since the member intro. I’ve got a CL 175 I bought from a dude who didn’t have the carbs set right and I spent some time sorting those, all that aside I’m onto the muffler or lack there of…

I’ll attach a couple pictures but I’m sure you’re all familiar with the upsweep pipes on these guys. Original muffler was probably cut off at some point and it’s just a tad noisy, hate to wake the neighbors when riding in in the evening. My question is, do you guys have any recommendations for either after market mufflers, baffles, stock muffler track down etc. to get around that left shock? Baffles should be able to just screw in but as you’ll see in the pictures I’m not too sure what those tabs on the inside of the exhaust are, baffles already?

ID on the pipe is 1.25”. I can do some welding and found someone who has a stock muffler attached the right pipe but I’d rather do an option for those universal cone mufflers or baffles, just something that’ll take down the noise.

Much obliged!


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