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I have a sl350 motor that I have been working on from a bike I bought a few months back. The former owner ran the cam tensioner down so far that the cam chain wore into the aluminum and I have metal dust inside the block. I worked on the tip end and new rollers for the cam tensioner, rings and gaskets.
My question is: I read up on splitting the block somewhat. I think in order to split this apart to clean all the metal shavings within I need to pull the generator and it requires a special puller. Does anyone know of another way to get it off or where can one get such a puller or another one to use?
Or is this motor TOAST ??? would those metal pieces have gotten lodged between my bearings and journals on the crank and rods and mains? Would I be better off to use the good top end on another motor ???
Next question: I have 2 other 350 motors but the problem is one is a cb the other is a cl. They are both different style than my sl. the clutch cover is different, one more bolt through the cover and the oil dip stick is in the front and not the rear. OK can I take the rockers heads jugs and pistons from the sl motor and use them with the cb or cl ?? thanks for any good info.
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