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Had some slack time on Monday, first day back at work after work (I work from home), with no interest in work, I called up my work buddy who was in the same situation. And the CL450 started like this:

and finished the day like this:

All parts washed and ready for reassembly, and head and barrels ready for machining.

I found corrosion damage to r/h pot and broken top ring on this side too. All went very well, the only cock up was I took the Exhaust Cam bearing out with the cam shaft loaded - DUH! no harm done. The pistons had 0.05mm wear and the bores were 0.1mm over. Surprisingly it did not smoke or use oil. Head and valves are mint, and are currently away for a "holiday".

Everything is on hold waiting for the "compression" parcel from David Silver Spares, so the machining can take place.

Sorry for the crappy photo's all I had was my phone
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