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Hey everyone,

I have a ton of miscellaneous engine parts and a few extra pieces from my build that I don't need. Open for offers on everything, no set prices. I get a discount through UPS so I can quote you shipping prices before we agree on anything. Please PM me your address information to do that. I have attached a TON of photos below, sort through them, and let me know what you're interested in either by sending the photo back to me with the item circled or telling me where it is in which photo. I am located in Los Angeles, CA, and pickup is also available.

Also, if you'd like more pictures and any details I can provide, please just let me know! I am not 100% on the condition of each piece but can do my best to help. Most of this stuff is from 3 exact engines that were taken apart and pieced together to create two bikes. These are leftovers!

Items that have been sold:
-Retainer from the clutch adjuster
-Rearset black triangular brackets
-Original rear brake pedal
-Point plate assembly
-Stator cover


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