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Hi everyone,

I have recently acquired a CL350 that has been subjected to a disappointing 'cafe' custom job. One of the mods was using a pair of VM28's which I think look like they came from an RD350 or R5. Not sure which one. The bike was sold to me as a non runner and I would like to try and get it running. The PO bought it for a lot of money and he said it ran rough, then he upped the main jet and fiddled with it more and made it worse I think. The carbs were, historically, connected to the stock air filters using some aluminium flexible hose, and the bike has CB350 headers and some aftermarket mufflers.

At present the jet sizes are...

Main jets 280
Pilot jets 30
Slide 2.0
Needle 5L1 (richest setting)

I have no idea why the main jets are set to 280. Seems massively high. The pilot jets and needle may be okay, but my concern is that there is not an air jet. The hole in the air intake bell mouth where the air jet should has been stopped by a ball. I'm not sure what the physical differences are between the 2 and 4 stroke versions, other than the needle jet is a primary for the 2-stroke and a bleed-type for the 4-stroke, but is this normal? All the VM28's I see online have an air jet, but they are for two-stroke use. Would the lack of an air jet feeding air to the needle jet mean it would run too rich for the CL350?

Auto part

I'm wondering if I need to do any mods other than jetting? Would I need to drill and tap it out and fit a 0.5 air jet?

I'm currently cleaning them up and will attempt to get the bike to idle first, after doing valve clearances and ignition timing.

I don't want to fork out for a set of VM30's. I will go back to the Keihin CV carbs if necessary, but hear they don't like aftermarket exhaust systems much. Is there a way I can still use these VM28 carbs as they are?

Thanks for your help!
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