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Greetings Fellow Riders!

Just to tell you a little bit about myself. I've owned the same 70' CB450 for 12 years. My best friend from high school is an engineer who has helped with me with every problem my bike has run in to. He's been fixing engines since he was 15 and he immediately got me hooked on the idea of restoring and riding my own motorcycle. As luck would have it, a guy down the street from where we lived was looking to sell his green CB450. My friend and I inspected the bike, kicked the engine over and got it running almost immediately. I was instantly in love with this motorcycle (especially the color). In the following 12 years, parts failed, upgrades were made, more parts failed, and I learned about every odd part and bolt of this engine. It has been a never ending education through engine failures and it has honestly been one of the best educations I have ever received lol

We grew up on Long Island, but now I'm living in NYC and he's out in New Jersey so we don't get to work on our machines as much as we'd like to anymore. Recently my bike had a catastrophic engine failure and I had to replace my entire bottom end with a 68' CL450K. The engine is now officially a "Frankenstein's Monster" that is running pretty well all things considered. (I posted some photos below of the finished product.) But I'm sure there will be issues down the line like there always are with these bikes. You really need to have the passion to own one of these bikes and I'm happy to see forums like this, where everyone is very open to helping out. I look forward to hearing from you all!

Kevin K.


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Welcome Kevin, thanks for the introduction with pictures. Good to see another DOHC 450 avoid the crusher and stay on the road. If only you'd found this forum sooner, some of your engine woes may have been avoidable. The 450 engine is unique among vintage Hondas and there are things every owner should know about it to ensure longevity. Though you may well be aware of it now, here is one thing I like to share with every new member who owns a 450, along with some other info you might find helpful as well.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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