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The carbs have were completely disassembled for rebuild, including removal of the throttle shafts, jets, floats, jet needles, slides, jet tubes, float needles and seats, air mixture screws and seats. The bodies were vapor blasted and then put into an ultrasonic cleaner for 45 minutes. Floats were tested to confirm no leaks and slide diaphragms have no holes. Reassembly included new jet needles, jet tubes, float needles and seats, secondary jets (size 115) and idle mixture screw and bowl gaskets. Primary jets (size 68), throttle shaft felt washers and and air mixture screws were cleaned up and reused. Float height set at exactly 23mm.

I will post pictures of the finished product later. These have not been tested on a bike but they should be bolt on, adjust idle and air mixture and go. If you are running stock or near stock length mufflers the secondary jet will need to be reduced to size 105 or 110.

I am posting these here for a few days at $150 plus shipping before I list them on ebay. I am located in North Beach MD.
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