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Mass area folks

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There is a guy in the Mass area that makes customs exhaust....i was hoping to get a CL style exhaust made for my CB450 but he said that he hasnt done one yet and needs a bike in front of him make an initial exhaust and then he could take down the measurements for it. Unlucky for me but for any of you in the Mass area you can check him out at .....oh yeah if any of you get a CL 450 style exhaust done at this guys shop let me know. He has made a CM400 exhaust....the thing looks almost like a CL450 type....check it out.
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I met Scott at Rice-O-Rama last year. Great guy! He was showing off his Yamaha 650 that he custom built along with the exhaust. It was a looker and he took home a trophy to prove it. I would recommend him to anyone.

Matt, from Central Mass
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