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Hi everyone--

New member here with a 1974 CB200. Has only 4,700 miles, and purs like a kitten(when it's running). Sometimes when I would ride, once I would come to a stop the bike would shut off. Note: I've been only been able to ride with the choke on, so I think I just need to adjust my carb jets.

Anyways, starting back up would be an issue--I'd hear what sounds like nuts and bolts in a blender. Anyone dealing with a starter clutch that needed new springs/caps knows exactly what I'm talking about. If you'd like to see first hand what this experience is like, check out this video I took when I tried to start 'er up.

Yep, definitely need some springs/caps. It would be great if anyone out there can confirm if I have the following parts needed for this job.

1) New caps/springs, link here

2) Flywheel puller, link here (I think that's the right size)

The objective is to minimize costs here, so if anyone has any ideas on where I could potentially find those parts elsewhere, let me know.

Now, for my main question: once I replace the start clutch caps/springs, will I need to do any other readjusting? I'm a complete novice, and so for whatever reason I'm saying to myself "what about the points? camshaft, etc? Can I just pop this thing back in?" Also any input on those carb jets would be much appreciated as well!

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