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I have a pair of new upswept mac mufflers that were supposed to be for a cb350 that i got off of ebay. They did not work with my stock headers, they would have had trouble with the swingarm, and the kickstarter would probably have hit the muffler at the bottom of it's arc. I think they would still work, as long as you used mac headers, which seem to be longer and slightly upswept, or if you angled them outward and fabricated some sort of bracket. The inlet diameter is 1 1/2 so they wouldn't fit on a 450, but will fit on 350's without any adapters. There is a 5" long black bracket included as well as bolts.

Dimensions- inlet section is 4" long
Muffler body- approx 18"
The muffler angles up at about 15-20 degrees (an approximate measurement taken with a purple plastic protractor)

I'm not trying to make any money off of this deal, just trying to recoup and pick up some mufflers that work. If anybody is interested send me a message.


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