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Jim's been asking me to post this up for a while, but I kept getting occupied with other things...

Well, no longer!

Without further ado, I present a diagram for hooking up an M-Unit (no M-Button) to a 1978+ Honda twin, using the M-Lock. Use of the main ignition switch will be as simple as connecting the red wire to the M-Unit positive side and the black wire to the LOCK input. Other wires on the ignition switch are no longer necessary. Also, we've included a NO relay to handle the kill switch functionality for the CDI box, but my preference is to usually bypass the M-Unit for a CDI bike. For some reason, most people prefer the relay, though. I suspect it might have to do with dropping $300+ on a new toy and then not using it. :p

It's not for the faint of heart, but no one ever said life was gonna be easy.

If the job looks like it might be too much for you to tackle, we do offer custom-made wiring harness at Custom Harnesses - Sparck Moto and wiring supplies at

But if you're wanting to tackle the wiring on your own, advice is offered free of charge.

Use in good health!

Circuit component Electronics Line Plan Diagram
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