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Hi all, I've got a CB360 which is having some issues. The battery was not charging after a ride - and when I put the volt meter across it it was only making 8.X volts while running. Any accessories (lights or whatever) when turned on would stall the bike. Before this I measured the voltage and it was 20 V across the battery which was ridiculous. I looked at the R/R and found that the ground for it was out - once I replaced this it then became 8V. I assume some hack person must have done this to counteract the low voltage - luckily nothing has melted. What do you think the issue is with the bike - the stator, R/R, or...? Also - what is a good way to test the stator to check it is still functioning within spec? Thanks in advance for your help, it's much appreciated.

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Well, if the voltage was allow to climb that high , I suspect you have a few issues.

Battery is probably sulfated. Overcharging kills them quick.
Regulator may be fubar, as well as rectifier.

I recommend you get a rectifier/regulator combo from Matt (Sparckmoto) for about $30 plus shipping.

While waiting, you can check the AC output from the Alternator. Disconnect it from the rectifier (4 pin plug on the left side by the airbox. There are 4 wires. Pink, Yellow, White, and Green/red stripe). The green/red wire is neutral safety switch, don't worry about that.

check AC volts from white to pink and yellow to pink. Report finding here. They are going to be in the 40-60V AC range if the alternator is good.

When not running, check all three to ground individually. There should be no grounded wires.

When not running, check resistance pink to white, white to yellow, yellow to findings. They should be low resistance, 0.5- 2.0 ohms....List it here and we can tell you if they are good or not.

If that all checks out, then the Reg/Rect and maybe some other wiring is at issue.

Check the water in the battery. Charge the battery with a low (>1.2 Amp) charger. Make sure the electrolyte level is good, only used distilled water.

A cheap lead acid battery can be had for under $30. I bought mine at a local batteries Plus store for $27. I am on my third season.

So you can fix this up relatively cheap.
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