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My engine makes loud tapping noises:

I just did my valves and set them at a tight .005 ex and .003 intake. I have no basis for comparison so maybe you guys might know. Is this what loud tappets sound like or is this a loose cam chain?

By the way, i have tensioned the came chain at 90 degrees past LT AFTER the compression stroke and done so half a dozen times this week. Have tried banging the adjuster during just in case. Doesnt seem to change the noise and by now i will have to trust that it is properly tensioning the chain if it is capable of doing so.

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You may need to remove the Adjuster completely and give it a check over.
It's ONLY (4) bolts and a gasket.

The Spring Loaded Piston assembly can get a nasty BURR on it from over tightening the Lock down Screw.

If that has happened it can bind in the bore and you will need to open it up and remove the burr with a file until it slides smoothly.
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