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Hi everyone:
New to the site. A lot of great information!!

I purchased a 1970 CB350 earlier this year. Have been riding now and then and have noticed the idle creeps up to 3.5k after the engines is hot. It appeared the bike was running lean. The idle would vary when I sprayed engine cleaner around the rubber intake boots between the carbs and heads, so I replaced the boots this afternoon.
Now the bike will not idle even after the engine is hot and I'm hearing mild backfiring when I roll off the gas when slowing/stopping.

While repairing the boots, I added two in line fuel filters and checked the petcock trap for debris (none found).

I also changed the oil/cleaned filter using Rotella 5w-40 synthetic. The engine oil appeared dirty, however there was minimal sludge in the centrifugal filter. Was not sure the last time is what changed and I was getting slippage when the engine was cold.

Any suggestions on how to fix the idle and backfire issue? Is it possible the new runner boots are the culprit? Is it common the carbs need to be adjusted after chasing the boots?
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