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tGood morning all!

I recently rebuilt this cb350 engine and cleaned the carbs (replaced diaphragm). When in 1st and second gear it is noticeable that it will not continue to accelerate even over as much as 3000rpm and it just holds and flutters. My assumption is and air leak but I did have a slightly warped spark advancer. It appears to open ok manualy but I am concerned that this maybe the cause for the lack of power. I can not get into the shop currently but my list to check is as per below. I was wondering if anyone could think of anything else. I am so close.

Check spark and condenser
Check Intake manifolds with carb cleaner while running for leaks
Check diaphragm on carb hasn't come loose after refit
Check advancer is opening (Currently is manually)

Right carb is leaking gas from overflow tube so I may have to adjust the float on this. Other issue it may be a jet but I cleaned all in an ultrasonic and everything was in reasonable shape

Thanks everyone for your input. I have and its kind members to thank for getting me this far.

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