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Looks like OEM Honda parts has changed!

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For those of you who may have used their site during your project builds for parts and their schematics, just a heads up, one of my favorite sites to visit and purchase OEM Honda parts has started to limit access to parts purchases and schematics to 1977 and newer. I used to purchase almost all my old Honda parts from them and used the schematics provided all the time. Now it looks like I am going to try which looks like it uses the same format as what used to have.
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UPDATE: Now Morgantown Powersports is no longer showing parts schematics for bikes after 1976. Its getting very hard to find Honda OEM parts through online schematics for the older bikes! Does anyone have any alternatives that still show the Honda parts diagrams? The only one I know of now is
Thanks, I see they have the option to click on "models with no year" button. That helps.
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