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Looking for CB360 thrust washer for cam

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I kinda forgot about that piece. Does honda still carry it or do anyone know online where i can get one. I also have to measure somehow which one i need. If i were to order both and just choose the one that fits the tightest would that be a bad idea?
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I just thought there should be one since its pictured. I don't have a dial indicator, i guess i could get one cheap enough. Do i just place the plunger on the end of the camshaft and just measure the side to side play?

Do they all have thrust washers or do some have nothing at all. Maybe i didn't loose it, but then this is a different cylinder head so i guess i should measure it. I'll pick up a dial indicator this weekend then. I'm not trying to botch this, just seemed like a part that didn't seem that important since both thrust washers are nearly an identical size. Your right though, i didn't think about the heat expansion where its at. I'll check it out later this week.
tbpmusic said:
Stick a feeler gauge in between the end of the camshaft and the bottom part of the head support there on the right side.
Spec is 0.07-0.3 mm (0.003"-0.012")
Washers are available in 1.0 and 1.1 mm

Put washers on (rider's) right side of cam only, not on left.

And sorry, they are no longer available from Honda.
awesome, i have a few feeler gauges. Thats way easier than a dial gauge. I don't know of any bearing suppliers, any other location i can get a thrust washer at?
cool. I guess i would need to know the outside diameter, the inside diamter and then just the thickness i need correct?

Just have it machined out of steel or should it be something special. Sorry for the dumb questions, never really had something made for me before.
I figured i could just stack a few and probably be ok. My friend at sigma cycles hooked me up with a number in cinncinati that possibly has these. I may actually order a few of each just for other members. They aren't much and they truley are a pain to find. I wouldn't mind helping a few Twin members out if they needed one.
tbpmusic said:
Well, make sure you actually need them first......
No prob, i intend to measure tomorrow. I got the 1.0mm and the 1.1mm anyway. They are 2.67 a piece so i said f' it and got em ordered. If i dont' need them maybe i can help someone else on here. Or by another exploded cb360 (which shouldn't be hard to find lately) and put one of them in that one lol.
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