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Looking for CB360 thrust washer for cam

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I kinda forgot about that piece. Does honda still carry it or do anyone know online where i can get one. I also have to measure somehow which one i need. If i were to order both and just choose the one that fits the tightest would that be a bad idea?
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Stick a feeler gauge in between the end of the camshaft and the bottom part of the head support there on the right side.
Spec is 0.07-0.3 mm (0.003"-0.012")
Washers are available in 1.0 and 1.1 mm

Put washers on (rider's) right side of cam only, not on left.

And sorry, they are no longer available from Honda.
qcrider said:
I'm just curious - If a guy figured out what thickness of thrust washer was needed to bring things into spec, if he took his cam with him isn't there a good chance a bearing supplier could fix him up with a suitable thrust washer?
I don't see why not.......
Well, make sure you actually need them first......
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