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It's been a while since I was last on the forums.... I purchased a 1967 CL77 last year which seemed to need very little work. Long story short, it's finally running right and I took it out for a ride today. It is such a fun bike! I did very little to this bike as I am still learning about bike maintenance. I can do the simple things like replace air filters, rebuild a petcock, run cables (w/ help), check valve clearances, and change oil. My friend helped me get it running correctly - carb issues - and it seems OK now.

Unfortunately, the little black plastic trim ring on the ignition cracked and broke. :( Does anyone have a spare they would be willing to sell? If so, I would be very grateful! I've already checked the usual sources - eBay, Ohio Cycle, David Silver Spares, CMSNL, Classic Honda Restoration, and a few others without any luck.

This is my bike. I've also included an image of the part. Thank you!

Kings Mountain Road.jpg
CL77 Trim Ring.jpg
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