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Hi all,
I am a long term CD 175A owner…….. 45 years to be exact!
I bought my bike in August 1977 and I thought I would get it out and running again to mark the anniversary.
I restored it about 20 years back and although it has hardly been used, it’s always been garaged and is in pretty good shape all in all.
it still starts within one or two kicks and ticks away quite nicely.

i would like to recommission it fully and I need a few parts so I would appreciate any help you can give With the following.
Seat: I can’t remember where I got my seat from ( it may have been a later CD175) but I would like to get an original seat which I am guessing are very few and far between….. any suggestions?
Tank panels: the chrome tank panels are pitted so could do with being replaced or re chromed?
Fork Shrouds: the blue fork shrouds are rusty and could do with being replaced.
Tyres: both tyres are very old so need replacing.
Battery: where can I get a suitable battery that will fit in the battery box?
Carburettor: The carb deserves a full rebuild..…. Any companies you would suggest to do a full refurb?
I think that’s about it for now, thanks for your help in advance.
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