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I had this in a separate thread about something else but I feel like it might be useful to have it here so more people can benefit if they're looking for an LED bulb. Basically I recently bought two LED bulbs for my taillight, LED #1 first, and then LED #2 when I realized that LED #1 was pretty similar to the incandescent bulb in terms of light output.

I ordered both in red. LED #1 uses I think ~100mA at max power (braking). LED #2 uses 30 mA normal running light, 200mA braking. I was replacing an incandescent bulb (1157) that used about 600mA running lights, 2A when you brake.

From the specs it looks like LED #2 has twice the luminosity normal running light, and 3x braking light over LED #1 (which from the pics look about right). I was a little disappointed with LED #1, which ended up being pretty much the same (light-wise) compared to the previous incandescent light, which made me go with LED #2 on the advice of the people on the SBL website. And wow LED #2 definitely is a ton brighter compared to LED #1 and the incandescent bulb! I'm very happy with it, definitely keeping #2 and returning #1. I think the pictures show it pretty well:

Regular running lights (LED#1 left, #2 on the right):
LED 1 - Low.jpg LED 2 - Low.jpg

Braking (also LED#1 left, #2 on the right):
LED 1 - High.jpg LED 2 - High.jpg

LED #2 i pretty long / tall but it fits my NH:
New LED.jpg

Hope it helps people who are thinking of getting one... I also got a strobe braking light (flashes 4 times quickly when I brake before it goes solid) and I'm very happy with it. And it was fairly easy to install...
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