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Lacing rim for a C360

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I'm wanting to lace a 16" rim to my CB360 rear tire. I have the rim. I have the hub. I have the spokes. It seems though that the only way I can get the spokes into the hub is by bending the snot out of them. It seems that that isn't a good approach but possibly necessary. I can take off the gear which will buy me a bit of space on one side. But even with that, it seems I have to bend them to get them in. Is this how it works? Or am I just weakening my spokes and heading for disaster when I try to ride this thing?
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They have different heads - but the problem is not the heads but getting them in and out of the rim itself - the rim edges come up so high that it is hard to get the spokes out much less in. I've looked at other people lacing on youtube and such and their spokes just drop in. But they don't seem to do that with the 360.
Well I have found you have to take off both the gear and the brake to get the spokes in. The next question to the group though is the brake cover seems to be made of metal covered by gray paint. Is this steel that is covered in crappy gray paint? Or is it aluminum and won't rust? Anyone know?
It is the big round piece that covers the brakes so it doesn't get wet. Not the arm that connects it to the swing arm.

If it is just aluminum, can't I strip that old paint off and just polish the snot out of it? Has anyone done that? or could I just paint it with some rustolium? It sort of is large and not shiny or pretty and wondering how to spruce it up....
Awesome - I will do that.
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