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Just posted my intro, now my first questions...

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Hey guys,

as I mentioned in my intro thread, I'm about to start a Honda CB twin project. I've got two engines, the first is a CB450 and the other is a CB500.

Here are my questions for you,

1) Does anyone have or know of a vintage Honda VIN decoder or chart? I want to figure out exactly what years I'm dealing with but I've found nothing useful. (I found the decoders for newer models and a chart with model codes which is supposed to be a VIN decoder but I don't understand it)

2) Does anyone have a recommendation of a good manual dealing with CB twin engines? I bought the Clymer's book but it's less than stellar...

3) Where do you buys buy your engine replacement parts? I would think that my local Honda dealer/service place should be able to get me all the parts and a shop manual right? or is there a cheaper place to get parts?

I think that's it for now but I'm sure the questions will keep piling on and on and on...


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newdude said:
Hey tbpmusic, thanks so much for the link! It's exactly what I was looking for. I checked and found my info. Thanks.

So what's the deal with the CD manuals that bird-mojo is talking about??

Same guy, it's the deal of a lifetime. Send him $10 and you'll get all the manuals, of your choice, that one CD can handle. If you get his 450 Manual you even get the annotations he's added from a bizillion years of real world experience.

Good stuff. Send him a PM for details.
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