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Just posted my intro, now my first questions...

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Hey guys,

as I mentioned in my intro thread, I'm about to start a Honda CB twin project. I've got two engines, the first is a CB450 and the other is a CB500.

Here are my questions for you,

1) Does anyone have or know of a vintage Honda VIN decoder or chart? I want to figure out exactly what years I'm dealing with but I've found nothing useful. (I found the decoders for newer models and a chart with model codes which is supposed to be a VIN decoder but I don't understand it)

2) Does anyone have a recommendation of a good manual dealing with CB twin engines? I bought the Clymer's book but it's less than stellar...

3) Where do you buys buy your engine replacement parts? I would think that my local Honda dealer/service place should be able to get me all the parts and a shop manual right? or is there a cheaper place to get parts?

I think that's it for now but I'm sure the questions will keep piling on and on and on...


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A board member here has an excellent set of manuals available on CD for a really good price. TbpMusic is his username. He'll chime in soon enough I figure.

As far as your parts quest goes, it depends on what you need. Some are still available through Honda dealers, and other online retailers and some you simply can't buy new anymore. Sometimes you get lucky and find NOS parts on Ebay though.

If I can find the link to a page that helps decode the different models, then I'll post it up later. If you want to post up your engine and vin numbers, there are guys here that know them by heart I think.

GB :mrgreen:
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