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After I get my cb440f done I really want to built a board tracker inspired bike. I want the basic geometry of the frame and front end. I have a 69 cl350 parts bike that I'm in the process of lost title right know. If I successfully get it titled or find a titled frame I'd like to base the project off of that.
I'm going to make a scaled sketch of it first and then see if I can create it in real life. The first two things I need info on is:
1. How to properly ridged the frame so the rear end looks right.
2. How to mate up a springer or leaf front end.

If anybody has any info about those two things I'd greatly appreciate it.

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E-mail me...I have done both.....Although, I believe MOST board trackers ran a girder type fork, there were some springer variants.....either way, fitting them to the neck isn't the hard part...finding or fabbing one is .....How much access to a machine shop do you have?...... Steve...
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