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Hello, it has been a while since posting on this site. Everything is fine, I've just been doing some other stuff for the last few months. I thought I would share my plan for riding the Eastern half of Oregon next week. The '85 has been running great. Starts first and every time and the ride is fantastic. Exactly where I wanted to be two years ago when I embarked on this project. Thanks to everyone on the site for the help and advice. Now on to our ride, my bro in law Mike and his friend Terry are going to meet up on Snoqualime Pass and head down through Yakima into Eastern Oregon. Here is the plan:

Eastern Oregon Moto Tour – July 2018

Day 1: Sunday 7/22 – Bellevue/Snoqualmie Pass WA → Condon OR
270/220 miles
Route: I-90 east → I-82 east → US97 south → OR 206 east → Condon, ride half a mile north on OR19.
Camp: Burns Park, Gilliam County.

Day 2: Monday 7/23 – Condon → Phillips Lake OR
165 miles
Route: OR 206 east → Willow Creek Rd (before Heppner) → Western Raite Ln → NF-053 → OR 244 east → Ukiah, Camas St south → NF-052 → NF-73 → Granite → Bull Run to Baker Rd 24 → Granite Hill Rd → OR 410 east → Sumpter → OR 7 north.
Side trip: From intersection of NF-52 and NF-73, take NF-73 east to Anthony Lakes, 33 mi RT.
Camp: Union Creek CG, Phillips Lake

Day 3: Tuesday 7/24 – Phillips Lake → Trout Creek OR
150 miles
Route: OR7 east → OR 245 south → US26 west → left onto County 61 (before Prairie City) → left onto Summit Prairie Rd, County 62 → right onto NF-16 → Seneca → US395 south → right to Idlewild CG.
Camp: Idlewild CG, first come, first served.
Alternate: Burns RV Park

Day 4: Wednesday 7/25 – Idlewild → Baker City OR
215 miles.
Route: US395 south → US20 east → OR 201 north → Ontario → I-84 west.
Camp: Motel night #1,

Day 5: Thursday 7/26 – Baker City → Elgin OR
180 miles.
Route: OR 86 east → NF-39 Wallowa Mtn Loop → OR 350 west → Joseph → OR-82 west → Elgin.
Camp: Hu-Na-ha RV Park

Day 6: Friday 7/27 – Elgin → Kennewick WA
110 miles.
Route: OR 204 west → OR 11 north → Walla Walla WA → US12 west → Pasco → Kennewick.
Note: This route doubles back 55 miles on OR 82. Stay in Elgin area Thu night instead?
Camp: Motel night #2,
Comfort Inn
Kennewick, WA, US, 99336

Day 7: Saturday 7/28 – Kennewick → Pass/Bellevue WA
160/210 miles.
Route: WA 240 west → WA 243 north → I-90 west.

~1200 miles total. I will try to post updates as internet access allows.

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I've been dreaming of a touring bike lately. Enjoy your trip, I look forward to your reports.

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Have an awesome trip Jim. Leather side up!

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Note that it's fire season and you may get chased out of where you're planning on staying, be flexible with plans.
There's a couple of good websites monitoring these fires and it look like a couple of apps for iPhone/Pad and Android
Good luck, keep the dirty side down and write when you can. I used a mobile hotspot while touring that allowed internet connection is some strange locations like 1 mile north of Mexico and 30 miles south of the nearest "town", Why AZ.
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