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Jet supplier?

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Any suggestions for slow speed jet suppliers?

Trying to resurrect a long neglected CB175 and couldn't salvage the original Keihin #38.

Only place I've been able to confirm correct type is Jets-R-Us, but $15ea + $10 shipping seems kind of steep for a pair of jets. Any other options or just suck it up?

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Common motor collective, just dont pay any attention to their videos and maintenance tips.
Both good sources and rabbit holes for spending on all kinds of MC related goodies, but neither have the correct jet(at least that I found).

Any other choices to share?
Jets-R-Us describes it as a Keihin Vintage Slow S3
Dime city cycles, 4into1, ive found cmc to have good parts, expensive, but accurate, at least in my opinion.
Thanks for the suggestions, I think I have found what I need.
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