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Intro from Dallas and Mild Cafe CB360

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SO I was on the old forum back when and I found the other a week or so ago and it has almost no activity and now I have found this one. I see a lot more familiar handles over here and from reading around I can kind of infer what happened. It looks like this will be my new twins home since it looks like more happens here.

I had a cb350 that got majorly sidelined and then sold because of this project which is now essentially done and just waiting for the weather to hit its worst so I can tear it down for paint.

I need to save up some moneyfor my dream bike, so I'm going to be finding some rough bikes and cleaning them up and selling them. First candidate is 74 CB360 that I'm going to do a mild cafe job on. The ultimate goal is to keep costs low for max profit margin while still creating a bike that isn't a piece of ****.

Here it is as of pick up day.

Then I started by removing all the paint on the tank and in my usual luck... it was all beat to hell. So my original plan of making some nice little knee pockets is out and I'm dishing the entire sides of the tank. For my first attempt at hammer forming I'm pretty happy with the results.

Then I cut all the unnecessary tabs of the frame and mocked up a cardboard seat pan that will be transferred to light gauge steel where all the electrics and battery will be stored under the cafe tail section.

I then started on the tail section by spray 77'ing some sections of foam from home depot.

Then I used the orbital sander to get a rough shape. (dirtiest thing I have ever done, pink dust everywhere.)

After that I used a palm sander to get it closer to shape and here it is mocked up.

Still need to put a layer of bondo on the foam and get the final contours dialed in. My fiberglassing stuff should be in the mail this week. I need to locate a inexpensive pair of rear sets off a newly wrecked crotch rocket and then I can start final dis-assembly.
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ashhole said:
You lucky b*st*rd!! I'd kill a mofo for that frame!! Is that an Amen?? Got anyone you need knocked off??? ;) Seriously though, that's an awesome frame and the best thing is the powerplant you've got in her.. Love the fattie front tire! Excellent!

GB :mrgreen:
Almost identical to the amen but it's a Jammer frame called the "Velvet Ride". I def love it.
A Texas boy, addicted to twins, and obsessed with custom. Welcome aboard. Glad to see another cafe being worked up. Can't wait to see both projects ready to hit the road.

Nice tank work BTW. ;)
that velvet ride frame is RAD!

Welcome aboard...
Nothing monumental. Glassed the tail section this weekend and tried polishing some parts for the first time.

Here is the tail with a few layers of fiberglass.

Now waiting to cure... I think like 6 layers of fiberglass. Maybe more layers in some areas and less in others.

Tail Section rough cut to shape. I need to smooth out some of the radius' then sand and body filler the "hump", the rest will be under vinyl so I'm not too concerned with that area.

Finally, here is one leg after polishing. Not perfect but I'm happy for a first attempt. Probably about as fun as wiring.

I ground the triple trees this evening and started shaping those and makeing them smoother overall. All set to take a cold ass ride to Austin this weekend for the Dice thing. So I prob won't get anything else done until next week.

[Off Topic] I finally put the Alphabets on the 750... they look mean as hell.

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Viewing your fibreglassing.... It appears that you don't saturate the cloth in resin before applying... The results however look pretty good despite that..... If you'll saturate them and then apply, you will get a "stretchable" layer that you can hand smooth and won't have many "dry" spots, AND, you can cover larger complex curves with less "strips" or "sections".... ( less joints, less sanding)....Just a suggestion..... Again, I like the results, especially how you flowed the seat into the tank..... And I'm jealous regarding your 750..... Steve
Yeah, def got the feel and figured some things out as the layers went on. I def think if I made another I could save myself some time during finishing... but I'm just going to work with this one and hopefully the next will be easier/ better.

Thanks for the tips for sure. Always welcome.
Lookin good! Nice work on the seat, like the shape.
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