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I've had my CL450K5 for around 8 years. I imagine I've put 2500 miles on it in that time, so I'm not a big rider. The engine has some issues, and I've always thought that "one winter" I'd rebuild it, but I now know that's never going to happen.

I've been kind of keeping my eyes open for another engine, and noticed this one on eBay. ... K:MEWAX:IT

The guy that's rebuilt it owns a bike part-out company with good feedback, but his 1300-odd 99+% feedback applies to his main business, and in the ad he says he's rebuilt 3 old honda motors, with this being his most recent. It looks very nice in the pictures, with polished cases, etc, but I'm more interested in what he's done with the innards, and since I'm very shallow on my knowledge of the motor, I don't know how to frame a question and probably couldn't interpret the answer if I got it.

Is there someone here with in-depth knowledge of the 450 who would volunteer to talk to the seller on the phone? I would think that someone who had rebuilt one themselves could ask the right questions. My concern is if he's only done 3 motors, how much does he know about the torsion-bar DOHC head, and so forth?

Thanks very much.

Hal Hutchison 203-613-4222

PS: btw, is this site where the old Microsoft 450 Group landed? I think I recognize some names.

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