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I'm the first to admit that wiring is not my forte. I got a screaming deal on a new ultima wiring harness from a friend who sold his project and a bit overwhelmed trying to get this going on the cl350.

I really could use some help integrating the wiring harness with the other upgrades.

Ultima wiring harness
Acacia vintage motorcycles electronic ignition
Scooter regulator rectifier
XS400 coils
Ninja250 starter solenoid

Right now have it all spread out on the table but having a hard time figuring out wiring in the R/R, coils, and starter solenoid.

Here is the ultima wiring harness directions

Any help would be greatly appreciate.


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You need the Stock Wiring diagram. The R/R are still wired the same. the rest?, the Ulitima shows the colors of the wires and where they go.... Should be fairly easy.

It might be easier if you start with specific questions.

My question, though the Ultima seems nice, why are you re-wiring? Is something not working? HAve you already removed the stock harness?

The Ultima has as many wires as the stock harness, and if it has an issue, much harder to trouble shoot.... The Ultima doesn;t really add any function to the original harness, except the signal flasher is 10 flashes then quit.

this does not look any simpler to me over the stock harness....
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