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I'm interested in wiring a bypass for the keyed ignition switch on my 93 and 92 US spec CB250 Nighthawks.

I've searched and found plenty of good info for the SOHC 400/450 series but most of the 250NHs are still young enough to be happily using their keyed ignitions and this question hasn't come up yet.

It looks to me like I will need a 2-position (NOT center off with its 3 positions) DPDT toggle switch capable of handling 20 amps give or take.

If I'm reading the diagrams correctly, there are two circuits, one will be closed with the switch in one position, to enable switched 12v.

And the other circuit will be closed with the switch thrown to the other position, disabling the CDI, same as the kill switch on the right grip.

In a second reply (so I can edit until correct) I'll post some photos of the wiring diagram, I will most likely struggle to get them right side up so please bear with me.
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