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My second attempt at getting this posted. I have my Bomber slowly coming together and I just realized after powder coating and installing Bronze bushings that the darn thing is bent. I am [email protected]#$%^! Can anyone suggest which 450 swingarms I can put in to get this bike ready for Mid-Ohio. I see various years (K1-7) posted on the e-Bay, however, I do not like buying from a breaker on e-bay. You never know what you'll get. I will also need to find out where I can get anthother set of bushings for my "new" swingarm. I bought my last set from a nice chap from the old cb450 dohc group and have since lost his contact info. I posted pic's on the old site of my "juckyard" Bomber. It came with D type handlebars and the D typ fork seal holders. I have since tracked down the correct parts. Please, any help would be welcomed!


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