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The 110/90 is about 4& 3/8" inches wide and 3&3/4" tall.... To just clear your drive chain, there MUST be at LEAST 11/16" inside the chain to the original tire...Preferably 3/4" or more...... This change is enough to affect final drive ratio and the additional tire weight could/will DECREASE performance, as well as "lift" the back end higher...... An 80/90 is closest to the original size....I would NOT recommend going larger than a 90/90 size....

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so I'll quote some advice form kenessex on

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I will disagree with the "Not Recommended" part of putting a 90 width on the front. That rim width will not appreciably distort the profile of a front tire enough to make a noticeable difference, especially on a stock CB200 on the street. Furthermore an 80 mm tire width can really run anywhere from about 72 mm to 85mm and a 90 can run between 82 and 95mm. So a 90 can theoretically be narrower than a fat 80. Numbers don't really mean as much as you would think. A 90 - 18 will probably give a slightly heavier feel to the front end as far as steering input goes, but based on the CB200s I have ridden, that is not a bad thing. So, the upshot of this little lecture is that, If it were me, I would get Bridgestone BT45s in a 90/90H-18(Dennis Kirk part #540184, $74.95) front and a 110/90H - 18 rear (Dennis Kirk part # 540156 $77.95). However if you really want to have a 80/100-18 front, Cheng Shin makes one( Dennis Kirk part #651334 $41.99)C906 80/100P-18. It looks to be a copy of the Metzler ME33 lazer, although I am sure it does not work as well.

I already ordered the tire on the suggestion of several of the forum members on caferacer, do you think I made a mistake or do you think i can get away with it?

Thanks for your advice, btw...

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