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Subscribed. You're filming with a phone? I'm honestly impressed that your videos came out as well as they did knowing that. A tripod will certainly help, a better camera and better scripting will as well. Working from notes on a white board sitting off camera will take away the awkwardness of ad-libbing your way through. Oh and double check grammar and pronunciation too, you don't want to sound like my boss who has been making the same grammar errors throughout his career. Please work with a manual too, it will lessen the struggle and share more useful info about your specific bike.

I enjoyed the fast motion on the boring parts, like the rust removal. Perhaps lower the volume during those as well? The selfies are ok, just have a point and get right to it.
I enjoyed your camera angle while riding though, but the wind noise and camera bounce have to go.
Cheers though, don't give up on it.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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