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howdy from the midwest

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i have been lurking on the msn cb450 forum and found the link to this here forum and figured i would join up

i have a 1972 cb450 that i am turning into a cafe racer, i bought it for $150 not running and no title, me and my dad cleaned the carbs and synced them and put a charged battery on it and some gas and the bike fired right up

so far i have ripped off the stock seat and mufflers and fenders and put some clubman bars on it and some rear sets and shorter louder exhaust and made a new lower seat pan and bump stop

a link to my build thread on

or the short version
from this

to this
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Henryinva said:
Dude, Is that bump stop a half of a helmet?
yep it is, i cant take credit for the idea though

66Sprint, yep tis a german style skid lid i cut down

krukster86, thanks, they are made out of copper, and i did not make them
leethal said:
..Imagine if it were a Darth Vader helmet..."this is not the speeding motorcycle you are looking for"....

1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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