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Howdy from Forida

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Thought I'd better make a formal intro before I start asking too many ?'s.

So, "Howdy", I'm Eric.

Now just to make sure I'm in the right place, an SL 175 qualifies as a twin, right? Yeah I know it's got two of those cylinder thingies, 2 carbs, etc...but I find a bigger following here (from what I surfed) with the CB 350's and such.

This is my first retro (hopefully of many)that I had planned a full resto on, but then was filled with temporary grief at the cost of re-chroming. OK, step back and punt.

So I have decided on building a semi-custom street/ flat tracker out of her.

So, that's it in a nutshell other than I have been on 2 wheels for more than 30 years; from minis, to off-road, to Drag bikes, and a cruiser, and will post up pics of my progress in the Project Logs section where I'm sure to be asking more than a few questions.

Type at ya'll soon,
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66Sprint said:
Right place....Several 175/200 builds going on here..... I'm one of them....Welcome!..... Steve
Steve, love the new almost brings a tear to my eye......<sniff>
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