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Hi my name is Phil...
and I'm a Hondaholic...
~hi phil!~
I'm in South Louisiana, currently.

I have a thing for fixing up junkers to shiny new again.
Most recent project, I rebuilt a 00' 929rr from a crapped out stunt bike, to a shiny new Erion edition street missile.
It started out innocently enough...
Aww, i just want a track beater bike... buy it cheap, make it dependable for the track.. no big deal... and that's it...
Maybe I'll just strip and clean these rims, and kind of clean the bike up... but that's it!
Oh look, the wiring harnesss is shot, needs a gauge cluster, while I'm at it..
Well, while I have the wheels off, might as well clean up the frame... but that's all!
Well, while the motors out, I'll just get a friend to powder coat a few bits and peices..

and it just went downhill from there...
Next thing you know, there was no way I was going to sling this much time effort and money down the track...

That was a cool project, and through the delays, and aggivating moments, overall, I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.
Since I traded it off (1k miles later, I just couldn't be comfortable with the riding position), I've had a sort of an empty nest syndrome. Since it's departure, I've been craving another project.

Since early highschool (a loooong time ago...) I've been in the posession (title in hand, but stored at a friends place) of a blue 73' CL350, but haven't had the time or place to mess with it, until now.
In addition to that, recently, I came across a cool find on Craigslist for a complete 66' CL160, with a spare motor.
So, I've decided this weekend, I'm picking up both, and bringing them home, and start the obsession all over again.
I find the old school metal bikes, and peices you can actually polish, a neat path to take for a project, and these bikes fit in that niche, for me. (Not to mention, I couldn't beat what I paid for the 2 projects...)

I've thoroughly enjoyed the projects I've been reading about here so far, and willl try to document mine, as I get to them. So, here I am, I'll be poking around, and pestering you fine folks for info, as I dig into the project(s)...

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Hi Phil! And welcome.

While we don't actually assign sponsors here, there are many of us who have succumed to the disease much as you did and we will be more than happy to guide you deeper and deeper into the abyss.

Here's some initial guidance to help you get started.

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