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How to remove choke spring plate ('65 Honda CA77)

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Hey guys... I just noticed the choke flap plate on my 65 CA77 has a broken spring and it looks like the whole plate is about to be sucked into my engine!
Glad I caught this before catastrophic cylinder munching!!!

Anyway, anybody know how to remove the choke plate so I can attempt to service the hinged flap plate?
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Thanks Chauffeur... After what seemed like forever I finally got the slide out.
But unfortunately the metal flap has one of its tabs broken off of it.
Looks like im either going to have to fab a new piece or if that doesn't work I might just permanently close up the flap door.
Just a quick update...
I decided to seal the flap door with some JB weld.
I then cleaned out the carb and she is back to being a one-kick-wonder!
It'll be a while till we see how the choke performs in the cold but I suspect it will be better than the previous floppy flap door.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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