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How to diagnose electric starter problem?

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My 74 cb450's electronic ignition is not working. Press the button, no sound at all.

I'm not really sure what to check to figure out what the problem is , which is hwy I am asking here.

To start, I looked at my wiring diagram, because I thought the starter wire would just go straight back to the motor to start it. I see that it's a black wire that's connected to a hub with the neutral indicator light. I assumed the ignition button would work, as it's plugged in and that hub gets power. Is there another way to test the button to see if it's doing it's job?

My next idea, is to test the motor directly, I just don't know how. Do I take the battery out of the bike and hook it straight up to the motor? How would I go about doing that? I assume the wire that goes to the motor is power, and it's being grounded by the engine. Should I test it with the motor still on the engine or should I take it off?

What other tests could I do after these?
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