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So while the bike is for sale I did drag it out of the barn to get a look at it. The current issues include:
No battery. That's easy enough to fix.
Broken turn signals. Hope I can find the right ones so I dont have to replace all 4. I am selling the bike after all.
The carbs. Mikunis... sigh, well I sold the bike to a friend who dropped it and decided that he wasnt interested in learning old time tech. (I had to describe the concept of points to him.) He gave it back to me with the deal that I either eventually get him back the money or sell it to pay him back (he sorta bought it as a favor to me to help with my house.. long story... but anyway)

All the fuel lines are gone so I have no roadmap to follow. in addition the petcock got busted in the drop and the only replacement I could find has only one outlet, so will need to stuff a T fitting, fuel filet and the line in that tiny space between the carbs. If anyone has a similar setup I would love a photo so I would know where to start.
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