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Honda CB200 carburetor main jet

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Hi guys, my name is brent and I am currently in the process of my first motorcycle restoration with a 1975 Honda CB200T. I've come across an issue while rebuilding the carburetor and ill have pictures below to help with the explanation. I purchased an aftermarket carb rebuild kit from david silver spares and while most everything is perfect, one thing doesn't seem to match. The main jet screw, which is stamped 88, does not fit, its too small as you can see with the picture of the screw in the pliers. the old carbs off the bike never had this screw in the first place while disassembling but the repair manual pictures show a screw there so I figure it must be needed. But maybe not?? I'm a noob and have no idea!! check out the photos and maybe some one can help thanks guys! Headlamp Auto part Automotive lighting Camera Cameras & optics
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Go here: Honda Cb200t (u.s.a) K0 1975 Type Carburetor - schematic partsfiche

You are missing AT LEAST part #14.... It holds in the needle jet as well as holds the main jet, so make sure part #3 is in place as well......
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