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Here is a link to a thread I have going on the Naked Gold Wing site as it relates to the white buttons on top of the Honda 450 carb caps. These get brittle with age (more so with the Gold Wings since they are exposed to the sun constantly. These buttons are important since they are an important part of the vacuum process that actuates the slides. There is a good description of how one person rebuilt new buttons for about $.80/carb plus a fair amount of time.

As stated in the post, I'm going to try and make some out of Aluminum or Delrin. It turns out the 450 carb is an exact match for the GL1000 carb. I took a carb cap off my 450 and installed it on the GL1000 and it works great.

There is also a great link in the thread to another persons explanation on how the slide work.

Here is the link.
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