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Hi! from USA pennsylvania

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just found this site from a guy on cafe racer forum.
this is my bike i just built.

I have since changed the graphic on the tank to this older style, and shortened/narrowed the bars

im still waiting on the seat i made to come back from the body shop
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Looking Good!.... Just have to mention there looks to be very little rear tire clearance at full compression... Did you test this?... A sudden stop when the tire contacts is NOT a good thing....
Cool..... Keep up the good work.... :D
Thats a relative thing depending on shock travel and stiffness.... The tire should NOT be able to touch the fender (or anything else) at full compression... I use ratchet straps to pull them fully compressed to check.... I like 1/4" clearance when fully compressed..... But as long as it clears....
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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