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Just dropping in to say hi! Last week I bought my first bike, what I thought was a 1973 Honda something. I brought it home this weekend, and lo and behold it's not a '73 at all, (although the title says it is, but the title appears to be for a '73 CB350), it's a 1979 185T. I was a little disappointed about that, as it's my first bike, and last week was my birthday so I thought it was cool that I'd found a bike from the same year I was born. Oh well.

I know absolutely nothing about motorcycles but am really excited to take on this project and learn about them. My goal is to have the bike restored and running by around June when the rain stops. I want to restore the bike correctly and as true to original as possible. Right now I'm pretty sure the tank and seat are not original, so I'll be replacing those along with all the seals, gaskets and hoses I can find. I'm also pretty sure the bungee holding the seat on is aftermarket as well. :roll:

Here's the first official photo of the bike. I'm taking the approach that right now, it's a diamond in the rough. I got it for VERY little money, and I'm really looking forward to learning about motorcycles with this bike, and restoring it to ride next summer.

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She looks to be a bit pieced together huh? I've seen worse, and rode it so don't worry. ;)

Everyone here will have you up and running before you know it. Don't be afraid to ask any questions. There are'nt any bad ones.

The bike looks like a CM model?? 250cc I'm guessing?? You may end up having a really hard time with the state government with that title issue? Might want to get ahold of the person you bought it from, and ask?

Welcome aboard GG!

GB :mrgreen:

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Hello, and welcome!.... The FIRST thing you NEED to do is aquire the correct title for the bike.
You are correct, the seat has been altered, and the tank is from a dirt bike, but other than that it appears fairly stock ( its got some aftermarket bracketry).......
This is what it should look like.... ... instar.htm

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