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HI my name is Nicko and I live about 3 hours north of Sydney Australia. I have just swapped a surfboard for a CB 250T and the surfboard wasn't worth much and neither is the CB. Poor thing has been sitting under a cubby house for over ten years and was less than 500metres from the surf so it's pretty rusty. I have done a little bit of fiddling around on it and got it to fire on start ya bustard. I have given the carbs a quick clean and are just waiting on delivery of another manifold as the rubber off the right hand side had detached from the metal. As you can see from the photos, the electrical are a bit messed up. I have customized two household light switches for the ignition. Once I get it running and confirm the motor is good, I will start spending some money on it. Given its rough state, its not getting a resto as it would be way too expensive.
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